Camera Club Prints Only – Digital File Upload

This form is exclusively for Citrus Camera Club Members who are participating in the current 

PRINTS-ONLY Competition. The form allows members to upload the digital file for their

Printed Entry(s).   Note: The Digital File is used solely for the competition night presentation.  

ONLY the physical Print will be eligible for judging.


Note:  Fields marked with a Red Star * are required and must be completed.   Important;  All E-mail systems Limit the size of attached files.  Because of this, your Individual file size is strictly limited to 12MB, and the total size of two files in the same entry form must not exceed 20MB.

Prints Form
Enter the Picture Title as you would like it be presented.
Select the image file for the above picture. File size is Strictly Limited to 12MB.
Use this field only if you are entering two prints on this form, otherwise leave blank.
For Optional 2nd image file selection only. If none, leave blank. Total size of ALL images may not exceed 20MB.

The combined size of all files MUST NOT Exceed 20MB. If you are close to 18MB or over, then submit only ONE (1) picture per entry form.

After clicking the SUBMIT ENTRY button, wait for the Acceptance Page to appear. This may take a few minutes, depending on internet speed and conditions. DO NOT click the submit button more than once.

A separate E-mail acknowledgement will be sent to you within 1 to 2 hours.