Winter  Challenge


Photograph a  subject that is moving and capture the motion by either Freezing it,

Blurring it or making an abstract Photo of motion

The point of the challenge is to learn your camera and become a better photographer.

Contrast is defined as the separation of the tones between darkest and the brightest areas of the photograph.  In black & white the contrast describes the difference between the darkest and the lightest tones.

Color image contrast appears to have sharper Image and stands out from one color to anther color, the Image POPS.

1 –  As always no cropping or  post processing,  only  what  is  done  in  your camera.

2 – Filters on your lens may be used.

Put your Seven (7) Best photos on a flash drive or memory stick, and bring them at 7pm on Monday September 17, 2018 to the Art Center.

Any questions, Email:

Dick Coffman

Art Center Camera Club