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Art Center of Citrus County
2644 N Annapolis Ave. Hernando, FL 34442
Box Office: 352-746-7606

The Art Center of Citrus County is a member owned and operated 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the participation, education and appreciation of the arts. The Art Center is managed by an elected Board of Directors. The Art Center is open to all who appreciate and want to support the arts in our community.

2014-2015 Art Center Board of Directors – Left to Right: Carl Bykowski, Vice President of Marketing, Jim Houle, Vice President Visual Arts, Mac Harris, President, “Doc” Julian Weingarten, Asst. Vice President of Performing Arts, Ed Martin, Vice President Performing Arts, and Pat Brady, Asst. Vice President of Visual Arts. (Not pictured Don Taylor, Treasurer)

The Art Center of Citrus County is the cultural center of the county, with programs in the performing and visual arts that offer a variety of opportunities for artistic education, participation, and appreciation.
With both a beautiful theater and a full assortment of visual arts programs the Art Center has something for you, whether you are into acting, painting, photography, or simply enjoying art.

Arts and Education Building
Arts and Education Building

The campus consists of two buildings: a modern 200 seat theater and a 6500 square foot Art & Education building.






Art Center Theatre
Art Center Theatre

The theater has comfortable seating, a large stage, and modern lighting and sound systems. Plays are presented in the theater throughout the year. The Arts & Education building has art galleries, a fully-stocked art and theater library, and space for classes, group meetings, and play rehearsals. Additionally, the Arts Academy division offers a variety of affordable classes in both theater and visual arts for youth and adults.

To learn more about the Art Center and its activities, please explore our website. Whatever your interest in the arts we have something for you!



Our 2018 – 2019 Officers:

Mac Harris

President, Mac Harris – 352-527-9372 macharr@tampabay.rr.com Term: 2013 – 2015






Edwin Martin

Vice President of Performing Arts, Ed Martin – 352-344-4350 emartin176@tampabay.rr.com Term: 2012 – 2014





Jim Houle

Vice President of Visual Arts, Jim Houle – 352-249-9140 jhoule@tampabay.rr.com Term: 2013 – 2015






Doc WeingartenAsst. Vice President of Performing Arts, “Doc” Julian Weingarten –

Asst. Vice President of Performing Arts, “Doc” Julian Weingarten –

352-382-5591 shelby37@tampabay.rr.com Term: 2013 – 2015






Asst. Vice President of Visual Arts, Geri Schwenkler

Term: 2018 -2019





Vice President of Marketing






Executive Director: Dianna Haynes

Executive Director: Dianna Haynes

artcenter@tampabay.rr.com Staff email






Treasurer, Don Taylor – 352-382-9912
dont848@hotmail.com Term: 2012 – 2014