Actor Biography Form
Biography and or Director Notes
The photo should be a head and shoulder shot, allow plenty of headroom, no close-ups. This is for the playbill and is printed in black and white. Be aware of clothing and background, try not to dress in black and white clothes.

Here are some guidelines for writing the best bio possible. From

  1. Make it short and sweet.
  2. Write it in the third person.
    This is not an autobiography, it’s a bio. Use subjects like—she/he, your name (Gwyn), etc.
  3. Avoid the cloying justification.
    For example, “I knew I wanted to be an actor at age 5 when I saw a magical production of Peter Pan.” Tell us what you’ve done not why you do what you do.
  4. Don’t make lists.
    Describe or elaborate your skills, training, and experience in sentence form.
  5. Include personal experiences and special skills.
  6. Write in “pyramid” style.
    Put the most important information at the top, working down to the less critical info.