2021/2022 Season Plays Art Center Theatre News

Announcing The Art Center Theatre 2021-2022 Season Schedule

This year the Art Center is offering patrons Social Distance Reserved Seating. Seating will be spaced as the following,  every other row with a minimum of  2 seats between patrons. If you are in a group and will be traveling together, seats can be purchased side by side, please make note of it on your form.

At this time, regular reserved seating is not an option due to social distancing protocols, but may change during the year. The social distance seating will allow purchasers to buy their tickets in advance at the regular season pass discount and you will still be able to make exchanges 6 weeks prior to opening night. 

If during the Season it is decided to be safe to go forward with regular reserved seating, then the remainder of the season play tickets will be exchanged for the reserved seats that are on your file from the previous year.

  • Current Season Subscribers –  When you purchase Social Distance Reserved Seating, you will automatically guarantee your seat assignments from the previous year when we return to regular theater seating. 
  • Deadline for current season subscribers is May 14.
  • To receive the season discount on the summer and winter musicals, purchase as part of a package. Seating for the Musicals will be assigned season seats or best available seating.  
  • New subscribers will be assigned seats after renewals from current subscribers have been fulfilled. Please enter your subscription as soon as possible to assure your best seat selection.