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Amy’s Wish Opening Night Feb 9 The Nature Coast Exhibit #3 Starting at 6.30 pm Wine and Cheese Reception Show Starting at 7:30 pm

This timeless romantic comedy finds senior citizens Sam and Amy, newly-married, arriving at their honeymoon retirement village only to discover the “Fountain of Youth” in their new Florida home. No one realizes that the water supply to their new apartment wing is hooked up to this fabled liquid. Amy sips some of the water, and their honeymoon turns topsy-turvy when she becomes a nineteen-year-old! Now they must survive the most incredible and comical “period of adjustment” a bride and groom have ever encountered. Call 352-746-7606 for tickets $19. Nature Coast Exhibit #3 Wine and Cheese Reception Free.

Nature Coast Exhibit No. 3 Jurist

The Art Center of Citrus County
Announces Nature Coast Exhibit No. 3 Jurist

Don Borie

Painting people started my art habit and it came to this!
Jurist for this exhibit will be Ocala artist Don Borie. With a background in commercial art and
illustration, Don’s work has appeared in The Artists Magazine, Colorado State of the Arts
publication, Florida Times-Union Sunday Magazine, Longmont Times-Call, a requested piece by
National Geographic Society offices, a commissioned portrait of astronaut Vance Brand and
private collections across the country.
Drawing and painting people started my art habit in more years than I care to dwell on…oh,
when painting was easy. Repeat drawing and study refined my observations. The beauty, the
character or actions of a person lend a connection to inspire me in developing oil or pastel
painting. Now the paintings improve by simplifying and focusing on the emotion and impact as
needed. Self-satisfaction is my reward for a successful painting along with the acceptance of the
“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do!”
Artist Edgar Degas stated the truth.

Exhibit No. 3 Drop off February 7, 10:00-2:00

Artist’s Reception: Friday, February 9, 2017, 6:30 pm

Open to the Public • Refreshments served • Winning works announced

Nature Coast Exhibit #2

Nature Coast Exhibit #2

Posted by Art Center of Citrus County on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Media Exhibit #5 2017

Thank you to all who brought high quality art to this Exhibition. While art judging is a subjective activity the overall pieces chosen, showed unusual creativity, dynamic composition, meaningful content and great technical craftsmanship. The noticeable dominating factor in each art piece gave a dynamic impact that will delight the audience.

9 x 7 Oil, Jeannie Loren, $75.





16 x 20 Photograph, Gerri Schwenker-Pennington, $95.

14 x 20 Photograph, Mac Harris, $200.

14 x 20 Photograph, Mac Harris, $200, 3rd Place, Mixed Media

15 x 18 Photograph, Loretta McDermid, $250. 2nd Place Mixed Media

16 x 14 Photograph, Loretta McDermid, $75.

9 x 7 Oil, Jeannie Loren, $75.



30 x 40 Acrylic, Sharon Harris, $1200.

9 x 7 Oil, Jeannie Loren, $75.

9 x 7 Oil, Jeannie Loren, $75.

9 x 7 Oil, Jeannie Loren, $75.

18 x 24 Oil, Pat Otto


21 x 18 Mixed Media, Bonnie Jakama

17 x 13 Mixed Media, Bonnie Jakama

14 x 6 Pen and Ink, Pat Brady, $50

21 x 29 Watercolor, Art Estrella, $250. Honorable Mention

16 x 18 Colored Pencil, Pat Otto, $250.

9 x 7 Oil, Jeannie Loren, $75.

12 x 24 Oil, Pat Otto, $300. Peoples Choice Award, Painting

14 x 17 Acrylic, Marie Sloan, NFS

30 x 40 Acrylic, Sharon Harris, Honorable Mention, $1200.

20 x 24 Oil, Pat Brady, $150.

16 x 12 Acrylic, Mary Lerman.

26 x 20 Acrylic, Mary Lerman, Sold, 1st Place

18 x 24 Oil, Pete D’Elia, 3rd Place Painting.

12 x 14 Oil, Pete D’Elia

30 x 40 Oil, Linda Linham

30 x 48 Oil, Linda Linham

17 x 14 Watercolor, Marie Sloan $75.

12 x 18 Watercolor, John Bescher, $300.

12 x 18 Watercolor, John Bescher, $300.

8 x 12 Watercolor, John Bescher, $300.

18 x 22 Watercolor, Pat Otto, NFS, “1st Place” Mixed Media

18 x 24 Watercolor, Herman Reller, $350.

24 x 30 Watercolor, Herman Reller, $400.