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Art Center of Citrus County Welcomes Valorie Vogel Theatre Gallery Artist

Art Center of Citrus County Welcomes Valorie Vogel is a visual artist working with mixed-media/oils, living in Florida. She is a 3rd generation artist. At 5, Valorie was inspired by her formally trained artist grandfather who lived in the redwoods of California, her birthplace. Then, at 8, this shy girl had an incident that shut down her artistic expression for 16 years. It wasn’t until 1978 that the phoenix arose from the ashes of her slumbering desire to paint. Opportunity knocked and her art career was launched at 24.Her creations number over 5,000 in the realm of oil-painting, mixed-media, acrylics, water-colors, mono-prints, murals, sign-painting, stained-glass, etched-glass, fused-glass, residential blueprints, jewelry, and holiday-window-painting.In 2020 Valorie’s expertise transcended to a higher level when she began the Fine Art Mastery Certification at Milan Art Institute.

Valorie Vogel
Theatre Lobby Gallery