Theater Department 

Volunteers in Theater – Behind the Curtain & Tech

There are numerous volunteer opportunities in the theater, from serving on a Steering Committee to Acting, Tech Support, Set Decorating, Painting, Props, Backstage Help, and Costuming.

  1. Please leave your name, contact number, email and your interest on this form or at the Box Office and we will put you on the email/call list.  
  2. Or, Please show up to the auditions and tell the Director of your interest.

Volunteers in Theater – Front of House

House Manager, Ushering, Concession Stand.

  • House Manager

Responsibility: Maintain front of house by preparing the theatre seating area, restrooms and lobby to receive audience. Communicate with tech booth once audience is seated and ready. Work with Usher Coordinator to make sure front of house is staffed for the shows. 

  • Usher Coordinator

Responsibility: Work with House Manager to make sure front of house is staffed for the shows. Check that there is enough playbills. Help maintain restrooms. Train Usher volunteers.

  • Theater Usher

Responsibility: Work under the direction of the Usher Coordinator and House Manager. Collect tickets, hand out playbills and help people find their seats. Open doors before, during intermission, and at the end of show.

  • Concession Stand Coordinator (During Theater Performances)

Responsibility: Coordinate volunteers to operate stand during performances. Keep an inventory of supplies and coordinate with the main office for purchases and deposit of money.

Box Office Cashier

Responsibility: Maintain and sell tickets at the window and over the phone, answer questions and be an ambassador for the Art Center. Volunteer one day a week, from 1-4 pm, Mon through Friday and sign up to work box office during shows. 

Member Positions 

Art Center “Ambassador” to the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce.


  • Work with marketing representative regarding content. 
  • Attend chamber mixers once a month, 3rd Thursday, 5 to 7 pm. 
  • Make contacts and educate about our activities. 
  • Foster support for us in the community. 

Playbill Advertising Marketing Representative

Responsibility: maintain and develop a contact list for other local businesses and sell advertising in the theater playbill. More than one person can sign up for this position, and it would help to break it up into different sections of the county.

  • Collaborate with the main office to develop presentation.
  • Who are we in 2020.
  • Work with office on updating sponsor application forms and sending them out.  

Theater and Art Event Publicity people

Responsibility: Deliver Theater and Art Event posters to locations throughout the county once a month. This can be done by one person but it would be better if multiple people delivered to different areas of the county. Collaborate with the main office to develop and update a list of drop-off locations. There is an existing list in office.  

Season Ticket Helpers

Responsibility: Help with mailing the next season flyer to season ticket holders. Bulk of help is needed during the end of February and during March.  


Responsibility: Maintain order and cleanliness of library, record and put books on shelves.


Responsibility: Maintain and archive newspaper article and show posters. Would like a volunteer knowledgeable in computers who can start digitizing the history of the Art Center.

Member Dinner Set Up

Responsibility: Set up tables and chairs for Member dinner socials. 

Table Decorating for Dinners

Responsibility: Decorate tables for Member dinners.

Decorating for Holiday

Responsibility: Decorate AE Building for holidays. Set up Christmas tree for the holiday and take down. Can decorate for other holidays.

Visual Arts Department

Art Exhibit take-in Helpers

Responsibility: Check in artwork, take money and help exhibitor fill out forms.

Gallery Exhibit Curator

Responsible for assembling and presenting exhibitor’s artwork in a museum style display in both the Main Hall Gallery and box office gallery.

Gallery Exhibit Curator Helpers

Responsibility: help set out artwork to be hung.

Theater Gallery Curator

Responsibility: Invite and setup exhibitor’s for the display in the Theater Lobby Gallery. Obtain artist biography information to be put on display and send to main office for playbill writeup.

Opening Night/Artist Award Reception

Responsibility: Help with set up and clean up of reception.

Marketing Representative for Visual Arts Department

Responsibility: maintain and develop a contact list for other local Arts organizations. 

Develop presentation for these groups 

  • Who are we in 2020 
  • Reasons to become members 
  • Benefits of exhibiting at our Gallery 
  • Schedule and conduct presentation to group.

Visual Arts Event/Press Release Representative 

Responsibility: Develop & write about upcoming art program events and send to Dianna in main office for publishing. Work with Sharon Harris to cover exhibits and special stories.

Take photos of Art Exhibit winners and write article for paper.

If you are interested in volunteering fill out the volunteer form.