How Technically Correct 1-5 points
How Technically Correct is the Photo? Sharpness, Detail, Depth of Field, Color, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Usage of Light

Composition 1-5 points
Does it tell a story?

Where is our eye lead to in the picture?

Is the photograph balanced, and if not, is it creating the visual impact it should?

Do I Like the Photograph? 1-5 points
All art is dependent on our own tastes, likes, and dislikes.

It has nothing to do with how experienced the photographer is.

This is the WOW factor.

Total Possible Points

15 points per judge (x-two judges)

1= Poor

2= Below Average

3= Average

4= Above Average

5= Superior.

Required for Merit Award

23 pts or better

Required for Best of Merit Award

28 pts or better