March 2017 Competition “Motion” Non Award Pictures

Competition participants

On this page you will find  the participants that, unfortunately, fell short of the points needed to receive an award.  Because the judges are able to view the pictures in their full resolution, we thought the members may wish to see what the judges can view.  As you may already know, the presentation on competition night can not show the qualities that affect the Judges scoring.  If you wish to view the pictures that did receive merit awards, you can find them on the competition winners page at the following  link.     

For the February Non-Award Pictures , use the following Link

To view the image in full size, simply click on a picture and it will open up.

Please note, all of these pictures are the property of their owners and may not downloaded or used for any other purpose than viewing without the express permission of their owner.

March 2017 “Motion” Competition