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Tickets On Sale Now: Don’t Mention My Name

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Directed By Sharon Harris

In this delightful comedy, a man suffering from temporary amnesia stumbles into a bed and breakfast off-season only to find he was expected for the weekend. The attractive real estate agent calls him by one name and the housekeeper by another. A business executive and his secretary appear with a confirmed reservation and call him by another name. The executive’s wife surprises them all and calls the hero by a different name, and a nightclub singer enters with her hearty boyfriend and recognizes him by yet another name. As the amnesiac and the real estate agent band together to solve the mystery, they discover that people are not who they seem and though each works for a different government agency, they all have the same purpose. The plot grows more and more hilarious until all questions are answered in a surprising twist ending.
Appropriate for all groups.

2023/2024 Season Plays Art Center Theatre Auditions Musicals News

Auditions: Art Center Summer Musical Young Frankenstein March 26-27

2023/2024 Season Plays Art Center Theatre News

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2023/2024 Season Plays Art Center Theatre Musicals

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Art Center News Letter February 2023

2022/2023 Season Plays Art Center Theatre News

Tickets on sale: Art Center Theatre Presents: The Robin Hood Caper

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“The proof of a comedy is in the audience’s laughter and this is packed with it.” – Bennington VT

“Where other playwrights strike for the heart, Carmichael strikes the funny one….horseplay unlimited with generous helpings of satire.” –

2022/2023 Season Plays Auditions

Auditions: Don’t Mention My Name, Sun, Feb 5, 2023, 3:00 pm and Tue, Feb 7, 2023 6:00pm

Directed by Brady Lay, In this delightful comedy from award-winning playwright Fred Carmichael, a man suffering from temporary amnesia stumbles into a bed and breakfast off-season only to find he was expected for the weekend.

Audition Don’t Mention My Name
Art Center Theatre News Youth Productions

Art Center Youth Theatre Presents: The Nifty Fifties Dec 9, 10, 11, 2022

Gracie Stanley has gotten herself in hot water by promising to deliver her distant cousin, rock star Ziggy Springer, for the high school Hippity Hop at Louise’s Luncheonette. The problem is Ziggy’s manager doesn’t want his client performing anywhere without pay, so Gracie and her friends have to produce a double — and fast! They plan to use a singing soda jerk and have him perform in the dark! It won’t be easy for Gracie to get away with this one with her rival, snooty Muffin Mansfield, waiting for her to flop.

Meanwhile, Louise has her own problems. The building’s owner forbids the dance and plans to turn the eatery into a dry cleaner. With all of this happening, Gracie’s brother is living in terror because he’s smashed up a Harley belonging to Sinbad Gallucci, a bad dude.

This is a one set, easy to stage musical comedy that will have your audiences cheering. Included in the sensational Francoeur fifties score: ’Bop-A-Lu-Bop Dance Party,’ ’Teen Queen,’ ’It’s Tough To Be a Teenager In Love,’ the hilarious ’It Was The Blob,’ and, of course, the toe-tapping title tune.

Art Center Theatre Auditions News

AUDITIONS: The Robin Hood Caper on DEC. 3 at 2:00 PM and Sunday, DEC. 4 at 6:30 PM

6 Men, 4 Women

Audition Dates: Saturday, Dec 3 at 2 pm.
Sunday, Dec 4 at 6:30 pm

Carmichael has again proved himself an inventive and amusing playwright. He has taken an old plot rob from the rich and give to the poor but not even Robin Hood would recognize the hilarious modern slant given to it. Four old people meet to report on their good works in the “Charities Anonymous Club” at the home of Flora Langley’s nephew, a small town journalist in danger of losing his newspaper to the grafting Mayor. Flora and her three old friends are actually retired crooks who use their old modus operandi for charitable purposes. Through the plot there is woven an unusual love story, moments of satire, and show stopping situations of hilarity.

Show Dates: February 24, 25, 26, March, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 2023