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Art Center Theatre Presents: “Christmas on the Air” Radio Show

Get your tickets now for the December 20th, 7:30 pm evening show or the December 21st, 2:00 pm afternoon show!

Featured shows:

  • The Bickersons – A 1947 retelling of O’Henry’s Gift of the magi as told by the loving but bickering couple that far predated the Honeymooners and married with children. Blanche Bickerson – Janet Torcello John Bickerson – Barry Denham.
  • The Christmas Truce – A true Christmas story about an amazing spontaneous truce that happened between English and German soldiers in 1914 as told by 4 soldiers writing home to their loved ones on Christmas day. Eayn Flanagan Chris Patti Zack Johnson Nathan Abbey.
  • Blondie – A different Christmas Carol. Blondie has been a comic strip since 1930, but from 1939 to 1950 the Bumstead’s were also on the radio! This retelling of the Dickens Christmas Carol comes from one of Dagwood’s dreamy naps and is filled with laughs. Blondie – Shirene Thomas Dagwood – Harry Lewis Baby – Holly C. Sherwood Dithers – Lewis Unterman Fuddles – Dave Sotrines.

This Christmas Special is being presented commercial-free, so between shows, we will be treated to lovely singing of classic Christmas carols by the cast of the upcoming winter musical – The Honky Tonk Angels. The singers are -Sharon Vetter Sandy Vetter Mosley Ashlyn Victoria Gibbs

And last but not least our host with the most who will be taking on this magical Christmas ride will be the one and only Rex Young – Robert Darling

Old Time Radio Christmas Show Live on Stage