Naturalist and Professional Expedition Leader to give a talk at the Art Center Camera Club

Naturalist and Professional Expedition Leader to give a talk at the Art Center Camera Club

Tom Ritchie will be at the September 13th meeting of the Art Center Camera Club where he will give a talk and film demonstration of his recent expeditions. All are invited to this 7 pm meeting.

“Tom Ritchie is a professional expedition leader and naturalist who has worked in the field of expedition cruising since the middle 1970s. Growing up near the Everglades allowed him to spend his youth exploring the swamps, marshes, forests, and reef systems of South Florida, a perfect training ground for his life with Lindblad Expeditions and the National Geographic Society. He has led ship-based expeditions to many of the far reaches of the globe, including Antarctica, the High Arctic, Patagonia, the Amazon River, Africa, New Guinea, Indonesia, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Australia, and many other wild and primitive regions.

Tom did his graduate work at the University of Florida in zoology, vertebrate paleontology, geology, and physical anthropology in the early 1970s. He met Lars-Eric Lindblad, the originator of expedition ship travel, right after he got his degree and has been exploring the world ever since. As a trained scientist, his passion for natural history and exotic cultures is fueled by his traveling way of life and he has created a museum collection of art and cultural artifacts, and natural objects from around the globe. As one might expect, the nature of these voyages commonly attracts serious photographers. Every Lindblad Expeditions trip includes at least one National Geographic Society professional photographer, who is on board to give presentations and advice. Tom has decades of experience with cameras, has published numerous photographs in books and magazines, but still considers his interest in photography as simply an enjoyable hobby.”

The Art Center is located at 2644 N. Annapolis Ave. just off of Rt 486 in Hernando.
For more information call Jim Houle @ 352-422-2838