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Amy’s Wish Opening Night Feb 9 The Nature Coast Exhibit #3 Starting at 6.30 pm Wine and Cheese Reception Show Starting at 7:30 pm

This timeless romantic comedy finds senior citizens Sam and Amy, newly-married, arriving at their honeymoon retirement village only to discover the “Fountain of Youth” in their new Florida home. No one realizes that the water supply to their new apartment wing is hooked up to this fabled liquid. Amy sips some of the water, and their honeymoon turns topsy-turvy when she becomes a nineteen-year-old! Now they must survive the most incredible and comical “period of adjustment” a bride and groom have ever encountered. Call 352-746-7606 for tickets $19. Nature Coast Exhibit #3 Wine and Cheese Reception Free.

Auditions for The Amorous Ambassador Sun, Feb 11@5:30pm Mon, Feb 12@6:00pm

“The Amorous Ambassador”
An American Farce by Michael Parker
Directed by Pam Schreck

AUDITIONS:Sunday, Feb 11 @ 5:30 pm Monday, Feb 12 @ 6:00 pm at The Art Center

Production dates: April 20, 21, 22, 27, *28, 28, 29, May 4, 5, 6, 2018

“Hormone” Harry is Back in Town!!!

“Hormone” Harry Douglas (From THE SENSUOUS SENATOR) is back to his old shenanigans again, but this time as the American Ambassador to Great Britain. He tells his wife Lois, that he has arranged a golf outing in Scotland for the weekend. Lois, in turn, tells Harry that she too will be gone for the weekend at a spa and that their daughter Debbie will be gone visiting a girlfriend. Each then tells Perkins, their newly hired butler in their country home, of their plans. He stoically watches as each of them leaves for the weekend. Does the imperturbable Perkins find romance? Does Lois return for a weekend tryst of her own?

Note: The parts of Harry Douglas and Lois Douglas will be played by Doc Weingarten and Chris Venable, who originally played the characters in THE SENSUOUS SENATOR produced at The Art Center Theatre in September 2016.

HARRY DOUGLAS:  A former U.S. Senator, now the U.S. Ambassador to Britain. A philanderer and woman chaser, he usually manages to smooth-talk his way out of compromising situations.

LOIS DOUGLAS: Harry’s long-suffering wife who manages to turn the tables on him in the final unexpected denouement.

PERKINS: (Age 50+) The quintessential butler. A pivotal character around whom most of the circumstantial humor seems to occur. He remains oh so British an never cracks a smile and always seems to be in control. (Controlled, competent, dry wit)

JOE: (Age 20-30) Joe’s great misfortune in life is that his girlfriend (Debbie) is the Ambassador’s daughter. He is caught up in a whirlwind of events and never seems to understand how he has got into such a mess. He spends a good portion of the play in a dress and wig, pretending to be Debbie’s girlfriend, Josephine, or fighting off the advances of “The Amorous Ambassador”. (Naive, likable)

CAPTAIN SOUTH: (Age 25-45) The Marine Corps officer in charge of embassy security. He is a total incompetent, who spends his time searching for a non-existent; mad bomber, when he is not being knocked out, hit by doors, etc. (Incompetent, serious, athletic)

DEBBIE: (Age 20-25) The Ambassador’s daughter, always quick thinking and keeping one step ahead of her father. She manipulates all those around her. (Bright, attractive, manipulative)

MARIAN: (Age 25-40) The Ambassador’s girl-friend from next door, willing to help the Ambassador act out his fantasies with costumes that range from a cocktail dress to a French maid’s outfit. (Glamorous, sexy)

FAYE: (AGE 25-40) The Ambassador’s secretary, is not too bright; in fact, Harry suggests she hold a seance to see if she can make contact with her brain, it’s probably a good idea. She breaks things, drops things and never leaves home without her own tube of super glue. (Sweet, klutzy, academically challenged)

NOTE: The role of SOUTH requires physical challenges i.e. falling to the floor when being knocked unconscious; Costumes: JOE: Wig, woman’s dress, FAYE – a black lace slip and MARIAN – 2 piece lingerie

Rules of Competition

Competitions: Structure and Rules

1. Introduction

A. The purpose of Camera Club competitions is to assist members in improving their photographic and post processing skills and to provide a forum for the display of their creative work.

B.  Competitions will be conducted as frequently as the Steering Committee determines. Prior to the beginning of the September competition year, the competition schedule will be announced to all club members.

C.  The Competition Committee will consist of a Competition Chairman, the Club Chairman, and other appointees as determined by the Competition Chairman. The Committee’s duties are to conduct competition events, keep records of entries, tabulate point scores and assure that rules are enforced.

D. The Competition Secretary will document the details of each competition entry, record the points and note the awards. The Secretary will keep a numeric score for each competitor and the number of awards they accumulated throughout the year.

E. The judging staff will be the final arbiter in the event of a dispute involving an infraction of the competition rules. If a member of the Committee also happens to be a party to the dispute, he or she will recuse himself or herself during resolution of the dispute. Judges are also barred from Competitions where they officiate.

F. Amendments to the Rules of Competition must be approved by the Camera Club Steering Committee.


2. Eligibility of Images

A. All competition images must originate in a camera.

B. Competitors must be members in good standing of the Club and the

Citrus County Art Center.

C. Members are encouraged to enter images that are representative of their current work.

D. Images may not be entered in monthly competitions more than three times.

E. An image, which has previously won a merit, may not be entered again in a monthly competition.

F. Competition images (print or digital) containing a watermark or name within the boundaries of the image will be disqualified.

G. From time to time special competitions, such as year-end competitions, may be conducted. All winners are welcome to compete in these competitions.

H. The judges, and/or the Competition Committee, may remove from competition any image that is believed to be in poor taste or that does not meet the requirements of a themed competition. The Competition Committee will be the final judge of good taste and themed entries.


3. Levels of Competition

Novice Level: for members who are relatively new to photography and are learning the basic principles and concepts.

Advanced Level: for more experienced members who have mastered a wide variety of photographic skills.


4. Rules of Competition

A. Competitions in which the subject matter is defined by a theme will be held periodically with the theme announced well in advance.   All other competitions will be OPEN.

B. Members may enter a maximum of two images per competition. This number is subject to change by the Steering Committee. All entries must be the creative, original work of the member.

C. No entry will be accepted for competition after the published deadline. Deadlines for digital submissions will ordinarily be noon on Sunday,one week before the day of Competition.  Deadlines for print submissions will ordinarily be 6:30 p.m. on the night of the competition. Rules regarding competition entry deadlines may be changed by the Competition Committee but will be ommunicated to the membership at least two weeks before judging.

D  Winners in the printed category, who wish to enter the Best- ofYear competition, must provide a digital copy of their winning photograph to the committee by the first Monday in May.

E. New members may enter competitions at a division level (Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced) that they believe is appropriate for their level of skill. Alternatively, they may submit three of their current works to the Competition Committee for assistance in finding this appropriate division level. Once assigned into a division, the member will remain there until moved to another higher division by winning three awards during the competition year (September 1 to May 1). . Everyone’s counter is reset to 0 at the start of each Camera Club year

Competition Structure and Rules Ver.1a August 18, 2014

5. Rules for Digital Images

A. The only image FILE format allowed is: .jpg or .jpeg

B. Your image FILE size should not exceed Ten (10) megabytes or it will not be accepted by the computer system.

C.  Your image TITLE CANNOT contains your first or last name.


6. Rules for Printed Images

A. All prints must be mounted on a substrate, or backing, at least 1/16 inch thick to ensure the print is adequately protected and supported for viewing. (Note: Commonly used double ply mat board is sufficient even if it does not measure precisely 1/16 inch.) Over-mats, sometimes referred to as window mats, are acceptable for use without restrictions with respect to color.

B. Prints cannot have shrink-wrap, tissue, or other material over the front surface that necessitates removal for viewing. Mounting Board and Matts may not exceed 20 inches along the longest side. Minimum size for the image will be 8 inches on any side.

C. Prints must not be framed, have hooks, wet glue, or any other object or substance on the back or front which may mar or damage another print in handling.

D. Multiple image prints (i.e. one mount with more than one print such as a collage or composite) are not permitted.

E. Prints must have the photographer name and the print title on the reverse side of the mount with an arrow indicating the top of the print. The photographer’s name must not be shown on the face, or front side, of the print or mount.

7. Competition Awards

Judging Criteria: For each competition, judge(s) will evaluate entries using the Judging Criteria and Point System set forth in Attachment A.

Merit Awards: Awards given on the basis of points within each level of competition. (See Attachment A)

The minimum points to receive a Merit Award  are:  Novice – 20Points ,  Advanced – 25 Points

Best-of-Merit Awards: To be eligible for the End of Year competition, a picture must receive a Best of Merit Award.

The minimum points to receive a Best of Merit are:  Novice – 23 Points ,   Advanced – 28 Points.

Judges Choice Awards: Each judge will select a photo winner, based solely on their individual preference.

8. End of Year Awards

Most Awards: Annually, the Club will recognize the photographer with the most Photo awards.

Most Points: Annually, the Club will recognize the photographer with the most Photo points.

Members Choice: Entries will be photos that have won Best-of-Photo Awards. Winners will be within each level, based on votes from the total membership.

9. Judging

Selection of Judges: Judges will be trained volunteers from the Club

Membership or guest judges.

Judging Criteria: Judges will use the Judging Criteria outlined in

Attachment A: Judging Criteria 2014-15.


Attachment A

Judging Criteria 2014-15