Art Center Youth Theatre Presents: The Beatles Slept Here June 16, 17, 18

Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Packed with hysterical Beatles references and puns, this magical mystery comedy will have your audience come together to remember all the memorable tunes. 

Though Sgt.  Paprika — who inexplicably despises the Beatles — has tried to keep it a secret from the world, word gets out that the Fab Four spent a night in his Penny Lane Hotel.  When a group of high school students publicizes this historic tidbit, Sgt.  Paprika is incensed and fires Eleanor, the hotel manager.  Meanwhile, his sister, Clarabell, schemes with a crooked psychiatrist to have Paprika committed to Happy Acres, an insane asylum!  Would that make him the fool on the hill?  Help!  A Beatles fan club arrives with all their memorabilia, which gets stolen by Mr. Mustard and his gang, bumbling art thieves who have slinked into town.  Detective Johnny B.  Good is called in to solve the crime and quickly zeros in on Sgt.  Paprika as his prime suspect.  It’s been a hard day’s night for poor Paprika, especially when the Beatles mysteriously appear to him in the middle of the night, proving he’s gone over the edge!  But here comes the sun as Eleanor and the high school crew work it out, and Paprika gets by with a little help from his friends! BUY TICKETS HERE