Art Center Theatre Presents: The Trouble With Trent Sept.15- Oct.1

(Concord Theatricals) By Fred Carmichael

Directed by Karrie Mast

Sparkling dialogue, fascinating characters, satirical insights, and laughs galore abound in this tale of mistaken identities that begins when three mystery buffs who e-mail chapters to each other meet for two weeks to polish off their first book. The publication enjoys mild success until their literary agent hints that Sarah Trent, the pen name they adopted, is a real person. Book sales soar. Meanwhile, a Washington socialite being blackmailed over a possibly illicit weekend intends to send Sarah a story she has written about herself. She mistakenly sends the manuscript to the blackmailer and the money to the beach cottage where the three ladies behind the name “Trent” are gathered to complete another book. Nailing the blackmailer and keeping Sarah’s identity a secret during the resulting confusion is a first-rate comedy by a popular author of the genre.