2019/2020 Season Plays Art Center Theatre

Opening Night: The Game’s Afoot Tonight! November 1 Call the Box Office for Tickets 352-746-7606

The Game’s Afoot Show Poster

A comedic mystery with shades of Sherlock Holmes opens Friday, Nov. 1, for a three-weekend run at the Art Center Theatre in Citrus Hills.

“The Game’s Afoot” is set in the 1930s and takes place in the Connecticut home of William Gillette, an actor and writer who played Sherlock Holmes on stage for over 25 years.

Gillette has invited friends and a famous theater critic to his home for a Christmas celebration only two weeks after there was an attempt on his life in the theater.

He hopes to use this holiday party to uncover the would-be killer, but as the evening continues, it becomes increasingly clear there is a killer on the loose, and increasingly unclear who it is.

Add in witty comic lines and a cast of interesting characters, and the play serves up a delightful dish of comedy and mystery before it all comes together in an unexpected conclusion.

Directed by Mac and Sharon Harris, the play features Rich Mesker as William Gillette, Marvia Korol as his mother Martha Gillette, Jacki Scott as Madge Geisel, Paul Bolognese as Felix Geisel, Kay Gear as Aggie Wheeler, Kyle Flanagan as Simon Bright, Sarah Schuyler as Daria Chase and Kristi Fuller as Inspector Goring.

Eayn Flanagan is the stage manager and Gloria Jardinella is assistant stage manager. The set was designed by Sharon Harris and built by a set crew under the direction of set construction coordinator Gary Boesch. The set construction crew was John Cocco, Doug Haynes, Ashley Gibson, Eayn Flanagan, Harry Lewis and John Koch.

Edwin Martin painted the set and Nancy Hoffman was the costumer. Technical design of the play is by Eayn Flanagan. Sharon Harris and Dianna Haynes did the artistic design and specialty painting.

Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. Sunday. There is an additional performance at 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9. Tickets are $21 and are available at the box office on the Art Center campus at 2644 N. Annapolis Ave. or by calling 352-746-7606.